Indonesian Porn Bill – October 2008

(ok, this blog was made in October 2008, the Indonesian porn bill is in discussion, i like to present my views on the porn bill…the Indonesian House of Reps is bunch of idiots, why don’t you guys clean up after yourself, your corruption and your third and fourth wives, before trying to impose a ridiculously ill-conceive mindset to the entire country)

look man, the bill define porn as a “material or action that elicit lust”.

If a woman is naked and man feels lust, why do you criminalize the woman. This kind of “i feel this way because of someone else thus that other person is at fault” childish coward mentality is exactly the type of mentality that prevent this nation from going anywhere except muter-muter. it’s the same like “do not eat during fasting month because that would make people feel even more hungry”, what? if you feel hungry, why i am responsible? isn’t controlling hunger (a desire) is the point of fasting? It’s time for Indonesian to take RESPONSIBILITY over their own feelings, instead of blaming it to someone else.

Let’s hear more of this