Sense of Ownership

I. The situation

In my team, I have great staff members and not so great ones.

Let’s talk a bit about definition about “great” and “not so great” before we continue:

Great: independent in completing a job; able to balance finding own solution with checking with me when faced with issues; take time to think about solution and their potential implication and alternatives, produce clean work (no typos; takes time to ensure that visual is nice); keep track of task to be completed and accomplish them one by one; take the time to accomplish a job.

In a world filled with parallel projects and limited resource, Life Is A Breeze with these guys.

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What’s the best career move for fresh graduates?

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Get yourself a good boss.


If you have the option of 3 type of workplace:

1. A place that offers substantial pay compared to other company for fresh grads (it happens right?)

2. A place with good boss, people who are great themselves and really care about making their staff to be as good as them

3. A place that offers some variety in challenge in the task

4. A place that allows you to go home at 17.00 every day

Choose number 2.

Why? Why not the money?

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Why does being a good boss is so difficult?

Quantum Leadership Circle - image courtesy: being a bad one is so easy

Ok first, how do you become a good boss?

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Forgiveness and Time Management

forgiveLast Sunday i heard a very nice sermon about forgiving and forgetting.

This topic can be approached from very crude (you have to forgive because you just have to) to very sophisticated (you forgive AND forget because it frees yourself)

But i heard a very interesting piece of insight, a piece that resonates with me, that forgiving and forgetting is all about time management.

You see, time management is about maximizing the use of your time, filling it with useful things that increase your capability, results, or quality as a person.

Now,  when you go through your day, you have moments you can use to think, usually this thinking process happens automatically, we sit iddle, a thought cross our mind.

And when a thought cross your mind, it takes your time, the thought takes 5-10 seconds of your time.

Now these “thought crossing through our mind” event happens hundreds of time daily, so in effect we spend hours where thoughts crosses our mind

The caveat, when a thought cross your mind during that 5-10 seconds, no other idea can cross your mind during that time, you only have one brain, so when a bad thought cross your mind, voila, you just spend 5-10 seconds for a bad thought.

Imagine if my thoughts are filled with anger and disappointment toward someone or a group of person, wow, i could end up spending Hours each day for negative thoughts.

Not exactly the best way to maximize your time no?

So, by allowing ourselves to forgive and forget, we open room for positive thoughts to fill our idle moments, cumulatively spending hours each day for positive thoughts.

This insight resonates deeply with me, but i feel that my words are stumbled in trying to share the insight with you.

I think it resonates deeply with me because i’m quite a driven person, and i read many interviews on executives, leaders, etc, and the question “how do you manage your time?” almost always occur.

These executives and leaders then spell out their philosophies and implementable tips on managing time.

But only yesterday that i realize that “by forgiving and forgetting” is actually one of the best time management tool out there

Hope we all use this tool more often

Corporate Loyalty: what “being loyal to your company” is all about

Loyalty to your company?

loyaltyThe concept of being a “loyal” person is prevalent in Indonesia employment context. More managers i meet are saying, explicitly or through the conclusion of their talk, that loyalty is an important trait for the work place. That if you move companies once every one year, people would doubt your loyalty. So, to find balance in the discussion, and what is the core issue of loyalty, i create this post.

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Hedge your cashflow with a side business – part 1 – What do we need to start one

By Sendy – 21 October 2008

So, you have a job, that gives you a income stream, and regardless of your satisfaction with the amount of the income (most probably you’re not satisfied), it’s important to recognize a more damning fact, that it’s just one source of income.

Now, this represents a risk, if you only have this one source of income, and that source income goes down the drain, you’re entire source of income also goes down the drain. Leaving you with no option but to tap into your savings to maintain your lifestyle while you look for a new job. Baadddddd. This is a double whammy, not only your income move from positive to nil, your asset also move from dismal to even less.

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