Sense of Ownership

I. The situation

In my team, I have great staff members and not so great ones.

Let’s talk a bit about definition about “great” and “not so great” before we continue:

Great: independent in completing a job; able to balance finding own solution with checking with me when faced with issues; take time to think about solution and their potential implication and alternatives, produce clean work (no typos; takes time to ensure that visual is nice); keep track of task to be completed and accomplish them one by one; take the time to accomplish a job.

In a world filled with parallel projects and limited resource, Life Is A Breeze with these guys.

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Why does being a good boss is so difficult?

Quantum Leadership Circle - image courtesy: being a bad one is so easy

Ok first, how do you become a good boss?

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Corporate Loyalty: what “being loyal to your company” is all about

Loyalty to your company?

loyaltyThe concept of being a “loyal” person is prevalent in Indonesia employment context. More managers i meet are saying, explicitly or through the conclusion of their talk, that loyalty is an important trait for the work place. That if you move companies once every one year, people would doubt your loyalty. So, to find balance in the discussion, and what is the core issue of loyalty, i create this post.

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Dicari orang produktif, bukan orang rajin

Mari berandai-andai sebentar, jika anda memiliki usaha, pegawai macam apa yang anda cari?

kemungkinan besar anda akan mencari yang jujur dan yang produktif, kalo sales, produktif dalam melebihi sales target, kalo customer service, produktif dalam melayani banyak pelanggan dalam sehari.

Nah, hal yang sama juga dicari oleh perusahaan tempat anda bekerja, yaitu pegawai yang produktif.

Seringkali HR perusahaan pun salah dalam hal ini, mereka mencari pegawai yang rajin, bukan yang produktif, dan tak jarang kita pun salah, menganggap perusahaan menghendaki kita rajin, padahal perusahaan lebih perlu kita produktif.

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