Relation between Vocational & Computer Money and Reps & Dem leadership

ancient-us-moneySo often economy and politics converge. It is political system that makes money, the blood of economy, possible; without a stable system of governing a country, no paper would be able to assume a value beyond its production cost. And it is politician who can make policies that affect the economy through laws, taxes, regulation, levies.

Now, the US have a Democrat president, what will this mean to the economy? Specifically, how will this effect the perceive balance in Wallstreet’s mind between Vocational money and Computer money? And what is the real shift between computer money and vocational money? Click here to understand more about vocational and computer money

If market sentiments could be a guide, this is an estimation on the perception of how such balance will shift:

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An Indonesian’s perception of Democrat and Republican

WARNING: the content of this post has political correctness thrown out of the window. To explain what is a republican and what is a democrat while trying to account for political correctness would eat more space than this blog can provide.

When i just started reading news about the United States, i often found myself perplexed by “Republican”, “Democrat”. I understand that the US has somehow manage only to have 2 political parties, compared the 50+ we have here in Indonesia. Having only 2 political parties is quite nice, and personally i think its a mature form of democracy, since by only having 2 political vehicle you can almost guarantee that the people at the very top of these vehicle are smart people (whether they are nice or not is open to discussion). Compared to so many politicians here who seem to view the House of Reps as a get-rich-quick scheme.

I was perplexed when i was trying to find the stereotypes, yes, stereotypes. If someone is a democrat, what does that tell me about him? If someone has this and this background and paradigm, do i put him as a democrat or a republican?

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