I’m so eager to buy equity. Yes, stocks.

“Be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others are greedy” Warren Buffet.
Don’t stop reading; this post is not all about me reciting the sage of Omaha.

Now, the sage has billions and billions of dollars, people followed his words like prophet. But true to how people follow prophets, people only recite the words, but never put those words into action.

Is there fear in the market? In abundance. Abundance of fear. So, it is time to start having an abundance of greed.

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Delivering Stakeholder Value – by sendy filemon

By Sendy Filemon, Jakarta

It has been an established consensus that companies should deliver value to its investor’s, this principle, “managing for value”, has been a mantra for managers, consultants, and financial backers of corporations.

Yet recent events in the global financial market, specifically in the US market, shows that when companies fail, they fail not only those who owns its shares, but it fails other parties as well, its employees, government, society, and taxpayers.

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