Miskonsepsi tentang suku bunga deposito (dan tabungan)

broken money

(This feature serves as a mini update to my post on Time Deposit Interest Rate, the previous post can be found by clicking this link)

I had had strong…’prejudice’ regarding interest rates. I used to assume that interest rates from small banks is usually higher than those of larger banks, that larger banks are laggards when it comes to competing on interest rates.

Yet when I went to the website of two largest bank in Indonesia in Friday last week (July 3rd 2009), i found a surprise.

The interest rates of these 2 banks is actually as competitive or even more competitive than the bank i’m using now for my time deposit (the account statement indicates that my interest rate is 6.75%)

I was perplexed…how can this be? i thought i was having a good deal with the smaller bank…

I thought i was trading a slight amount of security with a larger amount of interest rate.

Turns out that i was wrong…i had been placing my money on the wrong basket.

Wanna see what i found out?

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Suku Bunga Deposito Bank Di Indonesia – update December 2008

This post is an update on the same topic published at 30 October and 18 November. (Another feature on Suku Bunga Deposito has been added, click this link to see the feature)

On various dates between November 18 and December 18, i visited an additional 3 banks to inquire their Time Deposit Product, this post will elaborate the product and my experience with the bank. Other banks included in the previous post will also be included in a summarized format.

This post also includes the best place to put your money (based on my findings) for different level of fund.

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Putting my money where my mouth is with DBS

dbs-indo-front_aboutOn October 29 2008 i wrote about looking for the bank with the best Time Deposit rate. I found DBS to provide the best rate on the criteria mentioned in the post.

Now, in the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is, i’m opening a time deposit with DBS, let’s see if the relationship goes as sweet as their promise.

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